We honor God and Christ's church with integrity.
We embrace worshiping God individually and together as a lifestyle, not simply once a week.

We build unity in essentials.
We uphold what we believe about God, His Son Jesus Christ, the work of the Holy Spirit, the authority of Scripture, and Salvation.
The message doesn’t change.

We give up things we like for things we love even more.
We show liberty in non-essentials and will not argue or divide over them.
We will actively contribute to the future of the church rather than passively consume that which we like.

We pursue healthy living.
We make disciplined choices today—emotional, financial, intellectual, physical, relational and spiritual—in order to better live tomorrow.

We invest in kids, students and developing leaders.
We believe in the future of the church and put our resources into its growth.

We will figure it out, whatever it takes, to reach people who don’t know Jesus.
We problem solve and say, “we could do that if…”, rather than settle for, “we can’t do that”.
We take risks and experiment with methods, programs and environments to reach people for Jesus.

We strive for excellence.
We consistently bring our best, evaluate, and seek to improve.
We do not settle for status quo.

We trust one another and believe the best.
We give the benefit of the doubt to each other.
We are on the same team… and therefore we must trust each other.

We are generous with who we are and what we have.
We joyfully use the resources we have and the person we are—money, time, stuff, talent, influence—for Kingdom work.
It is all a gift from God.
We are stewards.

We have fun and laugh together… a lot.
We smile more and choose to better enjoy the “life to the full” that Jesus offers.